Property Fifty Five

Good day, you are here because you have taken interest in my request of a few people to come together and purchase property and to own it as a group.

To make it easy, i whipped up a quick website to answer people's questions as i was receiving phone calls and everyone was asking the same questions

Below i will explain the idea, nothing is concrete as i literally thought of actually doing this today (Aug 14th 2019), after it was loooming for quite a while,I have heard and seen people doing this sort of thing

I am also not fully aware of what it takes to pull this off, after i see there is general interest i will dive into deeper research etc

if you are still interested, please register an account on this site, i will be sending out a mailer in 2 weeks,
explaining how many people we have and suggest how we will move forward. The website will be your point of information etc.

Join the Group